A Look at the Market: Recent Trends and What's Ahead

A Look at the Market: Recent Trends and What’s Ahead

Opportunities for buyers

After a strong close to 2023, we’ve noticed a bit of a slowdown in the first few months of this year. However, we’re aiming for a strong rebound in the next three months, leading up to June 30th, 2024. While inquiries remain reasonably strong, we’re aware that some suppliers in the mining industry are experiencing a slight downturn.

One positive trend we’re observing is a continued increase in baby boomer sellers entering the market. This means there are some excellent opportunities out there for those looking to buy.

Overall, our forecast for the next three months is cautiously optimistic. In the current economic climate, it’s wise to re-evaluate market conditions frequently, as things can change quickly. But for now, the message is clear: there are still very good deals to be found in today’s market.

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